407 Furniture is now shapiro joyal studio.

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that we’re simply shifting back to the original company.

407 Furniture was founded in 1998, as my growing family required me to be out in the field less often. After several years of working as an interior designer (shapiro joyal studio), I decided to focus primarily on furniture, which was my love and passion. It was a good shift; one that not only allowed me to explore a new avenue of design, but one that also afforded me the opportunity to work quietly from a single location while my young family grew. My daughters have a been a part of the studio from their earliest years.

Almost 16 years has passed, and it’s time for another transition. I haven’t stopped designing furniture. I love it as much as I always have, but, the original interior design studio is awake again, and it’s more enjoyable than ever.  Merging the 2 companies was a natural decision to simplify and streamline.

So, shapiro joyal studio is back, and it has absorbed the 407 Furniture collection. Interior design and furniture design - one company, expanded services.