Product Cleaning & Care

As with all fine furniture, it is important to protect your investment from harsh direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes.  It should be expected that wood with natural finishes will darken or lighten over time, adding to the wonderful patina that makes it exclusively yours.  Reasonable care should be taken against moisture and soil.  Wood furniture should be dusted regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth ( cloth diapers are great ) and it is advised that no moisture come into contact with the furniture.  Should your item require cleaning, use a lint free cloth, very lightly dampened with water, and remove soil, immediately following with a dry lint free cloth.  Always wipe in the direction of the grain.

Depending on the finish used, protection and beauty can be maintained with an occasional re-oiling or waxing.  For a full face lift, call the studio and we will arrange a head to toe sanding and re-finish which should restore your piece to its original appearance.  This is also a great way to remove any scratches or dings that many have happened over time, although we believe those “imperfections” are what give a piece its unique character!

With the right care and maintenance, your shapiro joyal studio furniture should both age beautifully as well as appreciate in monetary value. Enjoy!