All guides, video workshops, and more.

Building Pages & Using Layout Engine
Guide (with video) walk through of creating new pages, adding content blocks to pages, arranging the blocks, and more.

Using the Text Block
Includes info about 'paste as plain text', paragraph and line breaks, creating links, etc.

Using the Image Block
Includes info about how to add images to your page, how to prep images, add captions, links and more.

Using the Gallery Block
Includes info for how to add slideshows, slideshow settings, other gallery display options, and more.

Tips for Working with Images
Guidelines for how to prepare images for use in your webpages, and other info on working with images.


Important Tips

Do not paste in content from another source without first stripping out the formatting. This is very important. When you paste in content from another source, it is common for hidden formatting code to come with it that can cause display and other problems for your webpage.
To avoid this problem use the 'paste as plain text' feature: 
-- Click in a text area and look for the little 't-in-a-box' icon in the text formatting toolbar.
-- Clicking this will open up a box where you can safely paste in your text. This will strip out any formatting that can do harm.
-- More info on using the text block:

Text content doesn't look very good when there are too many odd gaps between lines of text. Keep paragraph breaks -vs- line breaks in mind while you are adding text:
-- To start a new paragraph use the Enter/Return key on your keyboard
-- To start a new line (with no space between it and the previous line), instead use Shift+Enter/Return

Squarespace V6 provides the ability to use the Squarespace 'Layout Engine' to place multiple content blocks on the page, and to arrange these blocks into rows and columns. 
-- Use more than one text block and drag/drop them to arrange them into columns to create more interesting layouts and make your text more legible.
-- This is especially helpful in your blog posts, so instead of being one long column of text, you can now break it up into blocks / columns / sections.
-- Learn more about arranging content blocks using 'Layout Engine' here:

Add or edit collection item

  • ADD NEW ITEM - On the Collection page in the backend Content Manager, click the "Add Item" button at the top right
  • GIVE IT A TITLE - In the Item Editor, type the name of the item into the title box
  • ADD IMAGE / SLIDESHOW - In the main content area, click the top/first + button to add a new content block, and select the "Gallery Block" to add it to the content area
  • Click inside the "Upload Media" area to upload one or more images for the item
  • While your images are loading, click the "Design" button at the top right of the item editor
  • Make sure your gallery block is set to the following options:
    -- slideshow display setting
    -- autoplay on
    -- controls on (if you have more than 1 image uploaded for the item)
    -- controls off (if you only have 1 image uploaded for the item)
    -- autocrop on
    -- thumbnails off (unless you want them)
    -- title & description on
    -- title & description position: top right
    -- title & description show on hover: on
  • Click the "Content" button at the top right of the editor to go back to slideshow's content settings
  • Drag and drop to change the order of the images in the slideshow
  • Click the "cog" icon for an image to add text to the image (ie: "shown in solid walnut with lucke chairs") - this should be text that is specific to the image itself and not general info for the item
  • In your image text you can highlight some of the text and make it a link (i.e.: iin the video example I made "lucke chairs" link to the lucke chairs collection item page)
  • Click save at the bottom right of the gallery block editor to save your slideshow settings
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the gallery block is above the default text block and is the first block at the top of the content area
  • APPLY CATEGORIES - At the bottom left of the item editor select "click to add categories" - and click to select all categories that match your item (ie: dining tables)
  • Click the "Options" button at the top right of the item editor
  • ADD THUMBNAIL / MAIN IMAGE - Click in the "Thumbnail Image" area to upload the primary image you want to use for this item, this is the image used on the collection's "all items" view
  • ADD ITEM DESCRIPTION - In the "Excerpt" text box type in the info you want to display for this item (ie: the dimensions), this is the text that will display in the right sidebar on the item page
  • FEATURED ON HOMEPAGE? - If you want this item to be featured on the homepage then check the "Featured Post" option
  • SAVE!!
  • EDIT AN ITEM - To edit an existing item, double click on it in the backend Content Manager view to open up it's editing box

Homepage Image Loader

To select the Collection items that can appear on the homepage, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Collection page in the backend Content Manager
  • Double click on the item you want to add or remove from the homepage
  • Click on the "Options" button at the top right of the item editor
  • Scroll down and check the "Featured Post" option (or uncheck it if you do not want that item shown on the homepage)
  • Save
  • This item will now be shown on the homepage, the homepage image loader will select an image to load at random from all the items in the collection that have the "Featured Post" option turned on.


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Squarespace Status Reports
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