Mission statement

The goal of this studio has been simple:

Design timeless, beautiful pieces that speak to the soul of the client.  Craft them to the highest standard to meet and exceed expectations.  Build them locally so that each part of the process can be quality controlled.  
Remain committed to fair, sound principles within the industry and offer exceptional customer service.

About the studio 

In 1998 , Leslie Shapiro Joyal created 407 Furniture.  It is a 100% woman owned business. 

A native of Los Angeles, she graduated from UCLA Interior Architecture Program and worked for such talents as architect Frank Israel, interior designer Kerry Joyce, and textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen.  The showroom was originally opened as a resource for architects and designers seeking furniture that fit the sensibilities of their projects. At that time, there were not a lot of resources catering to designers that wanted a more minimalist aesthetic. 

Leslie, after working in the design field for many years, found it difficult and frustrating to find furniture that had both the level of quality and visual she wanted. Having an interior design business, she often created private commissions for her clients, and when a small shop on Fairfax opened up, she took it as a venue to showcase her designs.  She had always been interested in furniture design, and wanted also to start a family and start a business that didn’t require so much on-site time. 

So…the studio began. 

For over 15 years, 407 Furniture has been setting the standard for fine handmade solid wood furniture in los angeles. 

The gallery features collections of modern pieces which have an understated elegance; the designs are minimal, clean and of rare craftsmanship. 

Since 1998, long before the current “green” trends, the studio remained steadfast in its dedication to the use of California suppliers, local workshops and natural materials, preferring and celebrating the purity of line and minimal finishes to the excesses of decoration. 

Leslie has remained committed to sound design principles and skilled workmanship, acting on the belief that the smaller studio can be involved in the entire process, and therefore put forth great work, work that has timelessness and longevity. 

This tenet successfully filled a void in the marketplace, not only cultivating a loyal following of architects, designers and like-minded clientele, but also began the paradigm shift towards American made, handcrafted furniture. 

Originally doubted, this business model has become not just embraced, but celebrated. It is no longer unusual to see mainstream showrooms offering handcrafted, heirloom, custom made products. 

407 Furniture is now shapiro joyal studio.

Custom Work & services

Custom Work & Services

If you would like to modify the dimensions or materials from our current line, simply consult with the studio and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular application in detail. Since our work is made to order, we are usually able to custom tailor the process to get you exactly what you want.

email: leslie@shapirojoyalstudio.com

Want a design from our studio but don’t see it on the website? There are many, many designs that have been created but aren’t featured on the website for space reasons. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to access the archives for an appropriate fit.

If you’d like something exclusive, the studio takes a design fee which will be credited to the order once placed.

Materials & Finishes

materials and finishes

the shapiro joyal collection is available in the following standard species:
american walnut
white oak

our pieces are finished by hand in los angeles using one of the following:
clear oil
oil + wax

*custom colors and combinations are always available.

for ordering simplicity, upholstered pieces are priced using the COM ( customer’s own material ) method. our prices include upholstery labor. required yardages for each piece are given, based on 54” plain goods.  

our standard fabric selections include:
COL ( customer’s own leather ) pricing offered on a per quote basis.

*architects and designers may additionally specify from the Knoll or Maharam catalogs.

*unique, limited edition fabrics are offered at the studio on a per availability basis, and we love creating individual stories for our customers and clients.

our upholstered pieces are built using the finest materials and workmanship. all items are built with corner blocked hardwood frames and 8 way hand tied springs. fill choices range from HR foam to 25/75 down/feather.  we also offer synthetic down for those wanting a hypoallergenic option.

of additional consideration
shapiro joyal studio takes pride in producing furniture that is beautiful in its most natural state, therefore, we aim to use uncomplicated materials and finishes on our collection. we love finishes that enhance the natural beauty of the materials being used. our wood pieces are hand rubbed in a clear oil which celebrates the color and grain of the wood yet offers a low level of protection, therefore care must be used to avoid contact with moisture and soil. if more protection is desired, it is advised to use a more protective finish.

solid wood is an organic material.  expansion and contraction are expected reactions to fluctuations in temperature, and these shifts may produce cracks and changes in the appearance over time.  as with most high quality materials like leather, we consider these “imperfections” to be a thing of beauty, and invite them.  the rich patina that will develop on your furniture over time is an expression of its uniqueness and individual character. 

Product Cleaning & Care

Product Cleaning & Care

As with all fine furniture, it is important to protect your investment from harsh direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes.  It should be expected that wood with natural finishes will darken or lighten over time, adding to the wonderful patina that makes it exclusively yours.  Reasonable care should be taken against moisture and soil.  Wood furniture should be dusted regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth ( cloth diapers are great ) and it is advised that no moisture come into contact with the furniture.  Should your item require cleaning, use a lint free cloth, very lightly dampened with water, and remove soil, immediately following with a dry lint free cloth.  Always wipe in the direction of the grain.

Depending on the finish used, protection and beauty can be maintained with an occasional re-oiling or waxing.  For a full face lift, call the studio and we will arrange a head to toe sanding and re-finish which should restore your piece to its original appearance.  This is also a great way to remove any scratches or dings that many have happened over time, although we believe those “imperfections” are what give a piece its unique character!

With the right care and maintenance, your shapiro joyal studio furniture should both age beautifully as well as appreciate in monetary value. Enjoy!

Lead Times & Shipment

Lead Times & Shipment

shapiro joyal studio items are made to order in los angeles.  please allow 4-6 weeks from the time of deposit, plus transit time. Since the fabrication process is personalized, we cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date, but do our best to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We ship throughout the united states, and the cost of delivery will be calculated at the time of your order based on number of pieces and final destination.  we offer white glove service and installation when applicable.  please make sure that all delivery passages and access areas are clear and free of obstacles.  additionally, please make sure that your item will fit through doorways and hallways!  we cannot be held responsible for furniture that isn’t deliverable due to obstructions or clearance issues. Please note that shapiro joyal studio is a separate entity from the freight company.

There are often a number of items available directly from the los angeles studio; please inquire for inventory and prices. Orders must ship within 30 days after notification of completion (unless express permission is given), and if storage is required, full storage costs are the responsibility of the customer.

407 Furniture

407 Furniture is now shapiro joyal studio.

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that we’re simply shifting back to the original company.

407 Furniture was founded in 1998, as my growing family required me to be out in the field less often. After several years of working as an interior designer (shapiro joyal studio), I decided to focus primarily on furniture, which was my love and passion. It was a good shift; one that not only allowed me to explore a new avenue of design, but one that also afforded me the opportunity to work quietly from a single location while my young family grew. My daughters have a been a part of the studio from their earliest years.

Almost 16 years has passed, and it’s time for another transition. I haven’t stopped designing furniture. I love it as much as I always have, but, the original interior design studio is awake again, and it’s more enjoyable than ever.  Merging the 2 companies was a natural decision to simplify and streamline.

So, shapiro joyal studio is back, and it has absorbed the 407 Furniture collection. Interior design and furniture design - one company, expanded services.